by Stephanie Man-Wong
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Feng Shui Gourds
(Also known as WuLu, Bottle Gourd or Calabash)

The Bottle Gourd is a symbol of good health.
The two distinct shapes main symbolism and use
comes from its connection with health
among the most appropriate objects
to help people healing.


The Bottle Gourd with its bi-lobes shape
like the number 8, represent heaven and earth.
The Bottle Gourd is a wonderful tool to
enhance and balance the energy around you.

As recommended by Feng Shui Consultant
the upper part of the bottle gourd needed to be
properly carved with a hole and remove
all the membranes inside the gourd.


The Bottle gourd can be display or hidden
around your home or business for
good health and prosperity.
They are suitable for everyone.


A pair of bottle gourds to a friend or love ones
will be overjoyed!









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